About Us

In 2009, the first series production of parts were executed for the automotive industry. Deburring steering wheels was our main activity.

Between 2009 -2017 we had a rent based location and made substantial investments, which increased our production capacity, witch today is based on different types of manufacturing machinery. Investment in modern equipment was an action that has allowed us to have a quality production designed to ensure that we maintain our company competence required by EU competition.

In 2018 we purchased 11.000 square meters of land and relocated our activity in 4 buildings separating work load based on manual or machine assisted operations.

Area - 11.000 square meters23%
Storing Capacity - 600 square meters30%
Production - 650 square meters45%

Our Vision

The policy promoted by Galli Technic International is to place the customer and, implicitly, his requirements in the focus of all departments of the company, to implement the regulations in force of the Romanian and European society for the benefit of both people and businesses.
All staff are aware that meeting specified requirements as well as continuous improvement of processes, higher quality products and services are not accidental, but are the result of positive, intelligent and programmed leadership, as well as a sincere and collective effort.